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Nice to Meet You!

I'm Anna, a UX Designer and Illustrator based in Seattle, WA. 
I create interactive experiences that are memorable, authentic, and full of their own unique personality, whether that be through UI/UX, illustration, or interactive storytelling. I'm always experimenting with new ways to combine all three.

I'm constantly creating! When I'm not designing, I'm doing game jams, writing, worldbuilding, painting, and learning everything I can. The imagination never rests, it seems.


MY design process

To me, UX and product design is like a puzzle – creative problem solving that revolves around meeting the user's needs. I've learned to be flexible in my thinking and always ready to try a new angle, but also keep the project's core objectives in mind at all parts of the process so I don't get lost in the details. I've been known to be persistent, patient, and open-minded even when the solution isn't obvious.

I generally follow a diverge-converge pattern for defining problems and creating solutions, but have adapted the particulars of my process depending on each project's unique goals and constraints. Basically, I've put together a "toolbox" of various strategies for identifying problems in the system, understanding how best to solve them, and creating design artifacts, which I can deploy when the circumstances call for it.  I'm always looking to learn more – both about UX and adjacent disciplines – so I can expand the toolbox!

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