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Game Jams

I love to participate in game jams! These are events where a person or a team have a limited amount of time to make a small game. I’ve done short solo jams where I was responsible for art, design, coding, and narrative, and I've also participated in a longer multi-month project with a small team, where I was responsible for the character design. 

Starcross Gambit

Chess-themed turn-based strategy with a side of matchmaking! I was responsible for the character design and illustration, which took about 3 months.

Magpie and Obscurius

Proof of concept for a point-and-click about two rival villains competing for a position as their boss's right hand. Made solo in 3 weeks.

Art & Illustration

I’ve been taking illustration and character design commissions for over 5 years, and often participate in art trades with other artists in my free time! I love using bold colors and shapes to evoke strange and fantastical imagery.

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