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An image of Anna, dressed as a sci-fi character floating in space.

Hello, I'm Anna!

I'm a UX & Product Designer

with a passion for creating user-centric designs that drive impact, and UI that has a delightful presentation while still staying clean and practical.

Explore my experience with web and mobile designuser research, and interactive sets.



Fate of the SS Fortuna

A Sci-Fi Mystery-Solving Escape Room

The Fate of the SS Fortuna was a narrative-based sci-fi mystery escape room, where players can feel like detectives investigating a crashed ship to discover the reason behind the crew's mysterious disappearance. The escape room involved both digital and physical interfaces, as well as live communication with the ship's navigation "AI" character. The experience was hosted for one week at Seattle-based Virtual Reality tech start up, PlutoVR. 

Interactive Set Design 

UI/UX Design 

Game Design 


Digital Menu

Designing a digital tablet menu for people with dietary restrictions.

Digital menus can offer convenience when ordering at a restaurant, but that convenience often vanishes for users with dietary restrictions. To improve on this, I designed a menu that puts these users first.

UI/UX Design 



Presenting COVID-19 guidelines clearly and intuitively.

During COVID-19, University of Washington Bothell created a webpage to inform students of campus health guidelines. This redesign visually communicates this information in order to reduce confusion and stress caused by lack of clarity in the original design.

UX Design 


Whimsy Walks

Improving the routing process 
of local residential art walks.

Whimsy Walks is a volunteer group that maintains public art sites scattered around residential neighborhoods in Seattle. This study gauged the convenience and enjoyableness of the WW experience, and how it could be improved with a mobile interactive map.

UX Research 

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